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The Fourth Incarnation

Maybe you expected me to write about the second incarnation of my blog, right after I’ve told you about the first one.

But … Time is linear, life is not.
Life sometimes fools you around. It makes you think you are going forward when you are actually not.

So this blog actually lasted just 3 posts … the right time for me to understand I was going backward.
I was just doing a different flavour of old mistakes … keep saying the right thing for the wrong reason.

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The First Incarnation

It was somewhere in the end September 2006, and it was an hard period of my life. Not the first one nor the last.
A bad split which crushed my dream in a blink of an eye. Some financial problems not foreseen. A physical bad shape thanks all the antibiotics I had to take. And, last but not least, a stuck university career.
And this is how far I’m willing to tell. Other things will remain untold, mine and mine alone.

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