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Finally Online

Last time I’ve updated my site, it was something like 11 months ago.
In the meantime, I was quite busy organising my new activity … a process still in progress, indeed.
However I’ve kept working to change stuff under the hood, and to add new content.
With particular regard to courses I teach.

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Holidays at last

For the first time in my life since I was 17, I’ve done a three weeks holiday.
Ok, every now and then I had to do very small job-related tasks, but overall they were negligible.
I’ve spent one week in Slovenjia, one hiking in the mountains and one visiting Rome.

It was litteraly a breath of fresh air, particularly the days spent spazieren gehen through the beautiful cliffs of Asiago’s plateau.

Now I feel fully recharged and ready for what looks like an incoming hectic September.

One More Step

It looks like I’m expanding my field of interests.
Does it mean I’m going to work as a Personal Trainer anytime soon ?
Well, actually no !

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The Ides of May

Well , as it happened so it ended … as everything in life.

This is going to be a kind of cryptic post, for this time waters have to stand still. People I care about are still involved.

But this post poses a question of the very nature of this blog , of blogs in general indeed. Nowadays the most famous blogs are modern newspaper, where the “paper” part sounds anachronistic. ( Actually there is a well defined blogs’ taxonomy. )

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The Fourth Incarnation

Maybe you expected me to write about the second incarnation of my blog, right after I’ve told you about the first one.

But … Time is linear, life is not.
Life sometimes fools you around. It makes you think you are going forward when you are actually not.

So this blog actually lasted just 3 posts … the right time for me to understand I was going backward.
I was just doing a different flavour of old mistakes … keep saying the right thing for the wrong reason.

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Unite and Conquer

And so it happened.
I’ve just done my next big jump. Life tends to change, quickly. But this time was quite planned.
Part of the change comprehends a new job. Which I finally landed a couple of weeks ago.
There was one free position as IT Manager in a “not so small” company. Two candidates ( or something like that … ). The other guy’s WhatsApp status was “Divide et Impera” ( “Divide and Conquer” in Latin ). Mine is “Unite and Conquer”. Funny.

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The First Incarnation

It was somewhere in the end September 2006, and it was an hard period of my life. Not the first one nor the last.
A bad split which crushed my dream in a blink of an eye. Some financial problems not foreseen. A physical bad shape thanks all the antibiotics I had to take. And, last but not least, a stuck university career.
And this is how far I’m willing to tell. Other things will remain untold, mine and mine alone.

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