Finally Online

Last time I’ve updated my site, it was something like 11 months ago.
In the meantime, I was quite busy organising my new activity … a process still in progress, indeed.
However I’ve kept working to change stuff under the hood, and to add new content.
With particular regard to courses I teach.

Still, not all content I’ve planned to publish is in place.
But this month looks like to be even busier than I’ve thought, so it was a simple choice : _take it or leave it_

And in the end I choose the green light, in the pure spirit of a ”wannabe” Continuos Integration … not all the features but enough to be in a ”deployable” state.

And in the end, that’s what we are … not perfect, but each morning we need to “deploy” ourselves out of the bed, trying to add some new interesting features to our lives. Day to day.

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