One More Step

It looks like I’m expanding my field of interests.
Does it mean I’m going to work as a Personal Trainer anytime soon ?
Well, actually no !

I’m still an IT guy , and in the mean time I’m getting a pair of certifications in my “professional” field …

The more I train myself, the better I can train other people.

Set aside my personal projects, formation is still my favourite thing in the IT. I keep seeing tons of money trashed in IT projects for very basic mistakes, so easily recognisable that only the lack of the very basic formation may justify … ( today I would pretend to be naive and forget how the world really works … )

What it does mean instead, is that I decided to get deeper in Fitness theory to try to fulfil my personal goal of having a decent shape as my own personal present for my notsodistantasIwant 40th birthday ( the so called “FitKam” project … )

Said that, never say never, as I’ve learn on my very own skin, forecasting the future is more an art than a science.

Turning points in life may wait for you, hidden closer than you think.

So for now, I’d like to think I’ve just made one more step in the right direction.
The next one should really be the one pointing to the gym, since for one reason or another ( work / illness ) it’s been 3 weeks since my last proper training session :/

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