The Ides of May

Well , as it happened so it ended … as everything in life.

This is going to be a kind of cryptic post, for this time waters have to stand still. People I care about are still involved.

But this post poses a question of the very nature of this blog , of blogs in general indeed. Nowadays the most famous blogs are modern newspaper, where the “paper” part sounds anachronistic. ( Actually there is a well defined blogs’ taxonomy. )

And believe me, I quite ok with that. Evolution is the essence of life, what was born to be a simple instrument to communicate the inner-self, can evolve in a powerful instrument of mass communication. The message can be useful, not influent, misleading, touching or whatever …

But in the inner core of the blogosphere there are still kazillion of “open personal diaries” , as this one. Mass communication has target: masses. Most of the time following a segmentation logic. Inner-self comunication has just one main target … other readers are just “collateral damage”.

So the very question is : “Why should they exist open ?”. Is there a logical reason why people still write in public forms, what could easily have been told in private to whom who cares ?

I have no answer for that … I have no answer for myself indeed. But in any case from time to time I write private matters in public forms. The only thing I tell to myself ( and it is by far not an answer ) is:

Blogs are dead, long life to the Blogs

And in the mean time I keep enoying very different blogs:

Brett Terpstra clever computing
Ginger’s personal encrypted but enjoyable stories [ Only for Italian speakers ]
Giacomo’s devious thoughts about everything [One of the few reason you could think about learning Italian ]

Different , for they have different scopes and different functions.

As for my blog, I really do not know what to think about. There are actually three or four people who can understand the message. And it is all in the title, and part in the picture. Some other people should really be interested, but they cannot read English ( and mine is easy, since English it’s not my mother-tongue). Of all of them, I do really not know if they even aware of the very existence of this blog , nor I care.

So there is no point at all in writing this post … but still …

However things are in motion, waters cannot stand still forever … time by my side and smile on my lips.

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