Unite and Conquer

And so it happened.
I’ve just done my next big jump. Life tends to change, quickly. But this time was quite planned.
Part of the change comprehends a new job. Which I finally landed a couple of weeks ago.
There was one free position as IT Manager in a “not so small” company. Two candidates ( or something like that … ). The other guy’s WhatsApp status was “Divide et Impera” ( “Divide and Conquer” in Latin ). Mine is “Unite and Conquer”. Funny.

I was just told to start the job to get the job … and that “natural selection” would have done the rest.
Guess what ? Now there are 3 IT Managers, I’m one of those … and the other guy also.

Not exactly what the boss expected … but in a way , for the time being, it’s working.
Will it lasts ? Who knows … as I stated, life tends to change, quickly.
Some times the best way to win a fight, is not to fight.
Because some times, the prize of the challenge does not worth the fight. But changing the rules of the game quite always worths the challenge.
And sometime it also leads to the prize.Said that, I would rather not pretend to be naive. In real life “Si vis pacem, para bellum” ( “if you want peace, you have to prepare for war” ) is most of the times true.
“Homo homini lupus” ( “man is a wolf to [his fellow] man.” which means that man preys upon man ) quite always.
I want just to point out that sometimes in life you cannot choose your enemies ( nor your friends … ); but when you can , you have to do it very carefully ( both of the categories ).Even better, some times you can choose not to have them.

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