The Fourth Incarnation

Maybe you expected me to write about the second incarnation of my blog, right after I’ve told you about the first one.

But … Time is linear, life is not.
Life sometimes fools you around. It makes you think you are going forward when you are actually not.

So this blog actually lasted just 3 posts … the right time for me to understand I was going backward.
I was just doing a different flavour of old mistakes … keep saying the right thing for the wrong reason.



For the first time the blog changed the name … The idea came talking with a friend of mine, a dear friend of mine indeed.

She was talking about her idea of Prince Charming , in my mother tongue folklore “il principe azzurro” always rides a white horse.

At the certain point she blurted that she could not see a Prince Charming in her Horizont … and not even a generic white horse.

I could not help myself to stop laughing , it was really a pleasant day.
It took me some time to understand that that day was a real “sliding door” in my life. For many different reasons.

I still do not see white horses in my life. But now I do know I do not need one.

That leads directly to the fifth and present incarnation of my blog.


Maybe it worths noticing that the 4th incarnation of my blog was the first one that was actually paying a little attention to its dress.

It looked quite pleasant to my eyes. I was also avoiding some vanilla tech , in favour of some minimalistic functionality.

This trend keeps going on in my present blog , that for many aspects is even more minimalistic in its design , although the tech design is much more raffinate in a certain way.

Ok … we are still talking about a WordPress installation, with the good and the bad it comes with … but still I can say I’m paying a little more attention to small details … as in my life.

If I was able to do that in former day, well today I would probally been telling you a different story.

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